Sign up as a Member from as little as $14 for one year and you can immediately start earning Rich River Rewards

Membership Fees    
6 months
(1st Jul - 31st Dec 2019)
Full Membership $368.50                                 
6 Day Membership $620  
3 Day Membership $350  
Gold Membership $1, 300  
Beginner Membership $260  
Under 40 Restricted Membership $400  
Country Golf Membership    
Country 1 Category $400  
Country 2 Category $270  
Junior (<18) $14  
Intermediate (18-21yrs) $260  
Ancillary Sports 13 months
(1st Sept 2019 - 30th Sept 2020)
Bowls, Tennis, Croquet $185  

All subscriptions include GST and expire on 31st December 2019.

Membership Forms

Sport Membership Form | Social Membership Form  

Download a Sport Membership Brochure here.

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Affiliation Fees   
 Golf Adult  $67.30 
 Junior (under 18)  $44.90
 Adult Bowls  $73.70
 Junior (under 18)  $36.00
 Tennis- Individual  $30.00
 Tennis- Family  $105.00
 Croquet  $75.00

* Subject to change without notice

Full Membership
7 day playing rights*

6 Day Membership 
6 day playing rights (not eligible to play Saturdays)*

3 Day Membership 
3 day playing rights (eligible to play on Sundays, Mondays and Fridays)*     

Gold Membership
Includes 7 day playing rights, annual driving range pass, $200 food and beverage credit PLUS discounts on lessons, clinics, shoes and apparel in Pro Shop*

Beginner Membership
Only eligible for new players that not had a Golf Link handicap previously. Members in this category do not have Saturday playing rights and can only remain in this category for one introductory year before graduating to another category of membership*

Under 40 Restricted Membership
Must be under 40 yrs of age and can play up to 20 rounds of golf per year. If 20 rounds is reached in a year, a green fee of $30 for each additional round must be paid*

Country Golf Membership
To be eligible, members must reside outside a 15km radius of Rich River Golf Club and must be a member of another Golf Club and have a registered handicap at that Club.
Country 1 Category: Must reside between 15 & 150kms from Rich River*
Country 2 Category: Must reside >150kms from Rich River*

Bowls, Croquet, Tennis
Entitles a person to vote at any General Meeting of the Club and to all Membership privileges excluding golf.

Junior Membership (under 18 years)

Entitles a person to use the nominated sporting facility. If under 12yrs must be under the supervision of an accompanying adult. At the age of 18 years Junior Members must transfer to another category of membership.

Intermediate membership

Entitles a person under the age of 21 to a to subsidised golf membership.

Social Membership
Entitles a person to use the clubhouse facilities, obtain member discounts and reward points and use Sporting Facilities upon payment of the appropriate green fees. It also entitles you to vote at the Annual General Meeting for the election of the Board of Directors.

* Refer to Membership Brochure and Club Constitution and By Laws for full listing of benefits and conditions 

Are due and payable on the 1st January. All un-financial members as at the last day of December are deleted from membership records. Reinstatement may be made upon the payment of the annual subscription applicable and payable at the time. For further enquiries, phone Reception 5481 3333 or e-mail us at

Application for Membership is easy:
1. Download a Membership Application & Payment Form or pick up a form from Club reception.
2. Complete the application form and have it signed by two Golf Members. If you do not know a Golf Member who can sign your form, please attach a short letter addressed to the Board of Directors explaining your situation
3. Enclose a cheque, money order or credit card details and forward the form with payment to Rich River Golf Club Moama NSW 2731 (either mail to PO Box 135 or drop in completed form and payment to Club Reception) A membership card will be forwarded to your postal address along with your Membership Card Please ensure that all parts of the Application form are complete. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Club Reception on (03) 5481 3333. Rich River Golf Club Ltd complies with the National Privacy Principles. A copy of the policy can be obtained from the administration office between 10am - 9pm or can be downloaded from this website.

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